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We are focused on becoming a critical leader in the biopharma industry through a strong portfolio of products that can make a difference. Our mission drives us to treat clinical and social disease burdens while fostering sustainable growth.

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Why Biologics?

The current medicine landscape is dominated by “classic” small molecules (drugs created in a lab using traditional drug discovery techniques). While traditional medicines, including small molecule medicines, provide a great benefit to populations, they need to have a well-defined structure to be an effective therapy. As such, the scientific community has turned to what we now refer to as Biologics.

Biologics are larger molecule medicines that are produced by genetically engineering microorganisms to produce specific proteins. The benefit with larger molecule drugs, specifically biologics, is that they can exert their effects on a broader spectrum of targets.

Biologics vs. Traditional Medicines




  • Larger molecules
  • High molecular weight


  • Impossible to create an exact replica of original protein
  • Complicated, multistep manufacturing process

Traditional Medicine



  • Small molecules
  • Low molecular weight


  • Standard, well understood chemistry
  • Repeatable manufacturing process

Clinical Research

Each phase of research plays an important part in drug development. Find out more about clinical research below.

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Our Pipeline

Xentria’s goal is to provide effective therapies to countless patients in need. There are several projects ongoing.

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We are an evergrowing team in a dynamic industry with opportunity for growth.

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